• Our shop is closed now - You cannot place an order anymore!
  • Our shop is closed now - You cannot place an order anymore!

Frequently asked questions about your shopping experience with us

On this page we will give you some answers to the most common questions about how to shop at our online store. We will explain how to use our shop, how to order your favourite models and give you some information about the delivery and how to return your items.

How do I operate the shop?

How can I get to the different categories?

When you are browsing our website on a desktop PC you can find the navigation bar on top of the page.

Simply click on the small triangle on the right of some categories (makred red in the picture) to see the different subcategories. Now you can see that you can browse the models for instance by scale or catalogue.

If you are checking out our website from a mobile phone you can see the 3 strokes on the top right (marked red in the picture).

Just click on them and you can see the menu. To see the subcategories simply click on the "+" sign next to the text to expand the menu further.

Can I search for a specific model?

If you have a specific model in your mind which you would like to buy you can use our search. On your mobile device you can find the search on top of the page. If you are visiting our site from a desktop PC just click on the magnifying glass symbol.

Now you are able to enter an item number, the name of the airline, a manufacturer or a registration.

When the search results are being displayed you have the opportunity to use the filters to find the model you want by filtering by manufacturer, scale, catalogue or your budget.

How do I put models in my basket?

When you found the model you are looking for you can choose how many of it you would like to add to your basket and then all you need to do is to click on the "Add to basket" button. If you want to remove a model from your basket or you would like to order more or less of an item you can simply enter the amount you want to buy.

To go to your basket you can find the basket symbol on the top right of the page.

How do I complete my order and proceed to the checkout?

After putting your models into your basket simply click on the next button to go to the next step. You are asked if you are an existing customer or a new customer.

If you already ordered through our shop and you have an account you can enter your data and log in. The system will fill in the delivery address automatically. If you are a new customer please click on "Continue as a guest" and enter your delivery address. You also have the option to register for your next order.

In the next step you need to choose a delivery and payment method. After that all information regarding your order will be shown to you so you can check if everything is correct. When clicking on "Order" you will be directed to our payment provider.

After your payment is done you will be redirected to our website and you will be shown an order confirmation. You will also get an email from us.

Questions about the payment

Which payment methods are accepted?

We offer a lot of payment methods for you. Amongst the payment methods are PayPal, credit card and Sofort Banking.

Click here to find out more about our payment methods.

I have a coupon code. How can I redeem it?

Just enter the coupon code in the relevant field in your shopping basket and click on "redeem". After that you can see that the coupon code was redeemed and the new total price will be shown to you.

In case the coupon is not valid anymore or we are currently not offering any promotions the field for the coupon code is not visible.

Is my pament secured?

We ensure that all your payment data provided during the checkout process will be transmitted securely to our payment provider.

Something went wrong after I submitted my order and I got an error message or an email saying "Your order has been rejected". What can I do?

If you receive a message like this it is most likely that there was a problem processing your payment or you cancelled the payment by yourself. If you chose Klarna Invoice, a credit check is performed. If this credit check is negative or you didn't accept Klarna's Terms and Conditions your order will also be cancelled automatically.

In this case you are free to order again and trying another payment method.

Questions regarding shipment and returns

Which is the shipping service provider you work with?

We ship our models with DHL. If you only order Aviationtags it is also possible to get them via Deutsche Post.

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver our models within Germany and to many EU countries.

For a full list please click here.

How much are the shipping costs and how long does it take until my parcel arrives?

Please check our "Payment & Shipping" page. There we have listed all information for you.

Can you deliver my parcel to a "Packstation"?

Within Germany you have the opportunity to have your parcel delivered to a DHL "Packstation". During the checkout process, when choosing delivery with DHL you are able to tick the box "Delivery to a DHL Packstation" and choose the "Packstation" you want your parcel delivered to.

Is it possible to track my parcel?

We always use a tracked parcel service from DHL when shipping your models. As soon as your parcel has left our warehouse you will get an email which contains your tracking number.

If you ordered Aviationtags only and you want to have them shipped by post within Germany it is not possible to track them. When shipping the Aviationtags to international destinations a tracking is available.

The shipment of my parcel takes way too long or the tracking wasn't updated for a long time. What are the reasons?

Unfortunately we cannot control when and how your parcel has been handled at DHL and there can be various reasons why it takes a longer time. One reason could be that there was a public holiday in between. Most of the time parcels are not been sorted in the parcel center over the weekend as well. Another reason could be that there are too many parcels waiting to be sorted in the parcel center.

If the parcel is been shipped to a non EU country please keep in mind that it needs to travel through customs which could also take a longer time.

The operational time of 1 - 2 days within Germany is not binding for DHL. Furthermore it also depends on the time when the parcel has been processed in the first parcel center and when the next transport is available to the destination parcel center.

What should I do if the status of my shipment didn't change for over a week?

If the tracking wasn't updated for more than a week it is most likely that DHL lost your parcel.

Should this be the case please contact us so we can instruct DHL to search for the parcel.

Please note that we can only instruct DHL to search for your parcel when the status didn't change for 1 week for shipments within Germany. For international shipments we need to wait 2 weeks.

My parcel is damaged. What can I do?

If your parcel has been damaged during the transport please ask the delivery driver to make a note in the system before signing for the parcel. If your model has been damaged as well please contact us. We recommend that you take a few pictures of the damaged carton and/or model so we can send these pictures to DHL to claim compensation.

We will check if we can send you a replacement model or if we will give you a refund for the damaged items.

I don't like the model I ordered or I want to return it for any other reasons (apart from damaged items) and make us of my right of withdrawal.

Of course you can make use of your right of withdrawal within the first 14 days after you received the items. Please inform us before you ship the models back to us and keep in mind that you need to pay the shipping costs for the return by yourself. As soon as the items are back in our warehouse we will check them. If everything is ok you will get your money back.

More information about your right of withdrawal can be found here (German only).

Questions about our models

I want to pre-order some models. Is it possible?

Due to long delivery times for pre-order models we decided to stop offering models which are available for pre-order only. Therefore it is not possible anymore to pre-order models in our shop.

Which is the real length of the model in the different scales?

To get a better idea of how big a model really is, we started to make a list which shows you the sizes of the different aircraft models in centimetres. Please note that we don't have all models and sizes available but we will update the list continuously.

Further questions

I cannot find the model I'm looking for. Can you order it?

Because we are closing it is not possible anymore to order specific models for you anymore.

You have a question which has not been answered above?

Simply send us a message to tim.fausten@tower-flugzeugmodelle.de and we will answer your question as soon as possible!